(I reminded myself three times yesterday to post this. Evidently I was much sleepier yesterday than I am today. Which, frankly, makes a statement.)

The desert and the dry land will be glad;
the wilderness will rejoice and blossom like the crocus.
They will burst into bloom,
and rejoice with joy and singing.
They will receive the glory of Lebanon,
the splendor of Carmel and Sharon.
They will see the Lord’s glory,
the splendor of our God.

Strengthen the weak hands,
and support the unsteady knees.
Say to those who are panicking:
“Be strong! Don’t fear!
Here’s your God,
coming with vengeance;
with divine retribution
God will come to save you.”

Then the eyes of the blind will be opened,
and the ears of the deaf will be cleared.
Then the lame will leap like the deer,
and the tongue of the speechless will sing.
Waters will spring up in the desert,
and streams in the wilderness.
The burning sand will become a pool,
and the thirsty ground, fountains of water.
The jackals’ habitat, a pasture;
grass will become reeds and rushes. —Isaiah 35: 1 – 7, Session 7

During the meditation, the leader murmured, “What would have to happen for you to say, ‘God has given me all that God has promised?’”

I thought: God has already given me all that that God promised; that’s not the wilderness in front of me. It’s what God intends for me that I’m searching for.

What are the reeds and rushes? Would I recognize them?

I think K. is right and I am lacking in imagination. Straight up, I got nothin’.

Sitting blurry-brained in the airport, Abram taps me on the shoulder to show me his wilderness. “The Lord said to Abram, ‘Leave your land, your family, and your father’s household for the land that I will show you’” (Gen 12:1). What will it look like? How does one provide for one’s family there? What will be my occupation when I arrive? How does one get there? How far away is it?

Nevertheless, Abram heads out. And Abram’s household with him.

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