aquifers of energy

When I cranked my ears open to listen to this morning’s clock-alarm, I thought:

It’s like a well. A well that’s been drawn-from until there’s little left,
and all we now can do is wait for the groundwater to seep back in.

At breakfast, as I surveyed my day, I remembered that I’m either four or six lectures behind in my polity class. Adding that to the List of Behindedness was far from encouraging, but the upside of tired is I know how to be dogged though not inspired. So I attended class. I’ve made up my exam (whoa Nellie-!). I found an hour I didn’t plan on having, so I get to be here with you, hurray! Next is lunch (wasn’t sure I’d get lunch, so that’s also a bonus), and colloquy. Then off to gather the materials I need for my two camping classes on Saturday, some dinner, and some teaching. And a face-plant when I’m home once again.

At this rate, I have no idea when I’ll stop drawing the well faster than it can refill. Ah well. I’ll make do with the drops I have.

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