While the afternoon rainclouds flow over

“Come,” my heart says, “seek his face!” Your face, LORD, do I seek. Do not hide your face from me. –Ps 27:8

Yep, today’s quote is from the psalm recommended for today in my compact book of common prayer. That’s not its real title, but I’m operating from single-sheet photocopies while I’m on the road. (Plus the Bible-app on my pocket computer, in case you thought I photocopied All The Parts.)

I saved the quote because it belongs with what I’m wrestling with. It echoes the larger theme in my essay, the one workshopped this morning. (Workshopping which went well, thanks for wondering, well in the ways that I thought it would, and very well in ways I hadn’t hoped for. Like successfully conveying a larger theme, and not merely several smaller ones.)

I’m keeping it because I smile each time I read, “‘Come,’ my heart says, ‘seek his face!'”
“My heart says.”

My heart does say.

I’m glad to remember that. Glad to have an anchor for my mind as it bustles on its projects — like asking God to show God’s face while I set a quiet hand on my self’s shoulder: we’re not asking for epiphanies at every retreat, remember?

Come, let us seek.

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