Girl Scout overnight packing list (cold)

Packing List for Oak Hill Girl Scouts
Weekend Campout: Fall/Winter


___ socks (one pair per day, one extra pair)
___ underwear (one pair per day, one extra pair)
___ sleepwear
___ sturdy, closed toe shoes
___ flip-flops (for cabin/shower)
___ pants & short-sleeve shirts (one set per day)
___ sweatshirt
___ warm hat or baseball cap
___ rain coat or poncho
___ winter coat
___ gloves
___ long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts for layering
___ troop T-shirt

Personal Items:

___ bath towel, washcloth, shampoo, soap (in container or ziploc)
___ 2nd bath towel (if swimming)
___ hair brush/comb
___ toothbrush/toothpaste
___ other personal care items
___ sanitary supplies (if needed)
___ sunscreen (waterproof)
___ insect repellent lotion (spray not allowed)

Girl Equipment:

___ pillow, sleeping bag
___ dirty clothes bag
___ water bottle (and carrying strap)
___ flashlight
___ ONE special sleeping friend, no larger than pillow (optional)
___ journal, book, disposable camera (optional)

___ one small backpack (or back portable bag of some type for hiking)

Please make sure you pack according to the suggested list for all weather situations (cool/cold or warm/hot or rain)*. No halter & crop tops or short-shorts please. It gets dark in the country — a flashlight is mandatory and make sure you put fresh batteries in!! Label everything with your child’s name. Your child should bring a water bottle, but no food, snacks or candy. We don’t want any sort of “extra visitors”!

Your Scout should be able to handle her own gear including the sleeping bag/pillow.

* for fall / winter camping bring clothes that can be layered for warmer days and cold nights.

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