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Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace exteriorIf you or your troop families are just now learning about Savannah’s place in Girl Scout hearts, you’ll want to begin with the adult GSUSA summary “Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace,” take a look at the girl-focused GSUSA page,
and then move on to the official homepage for the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Girl Scout stuff

The Birthplace is a GSUSA National Program Center, and a beloved pilgrimage location for generations of Girl Scouts.

While the Birthplace website says that one can purchase tickets at the door, your success in getting these is likely to be limited due to the steady demand. Make reservations in advance whenever possible. Both the tour and the Troop Experience are wonderful opportunities; if your troop has time and budget, do both.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace visitor pinA treasured Girl Scout tradition, and one that Daisy Low herself encouraged, is that Girl Scouts who visit become Daughters of the House. A lovely Scouts’ Own ceremony can be downloaded here (as of 11/2018), though girls can and should be encouraged to make the ceremony their own. Pins for the ceremony can be purchased in the shop and/or ordered in advance for pickup. Troops who tour the Birthplace can often hold their Scouts’ Own at the close of their tour, but it’s wise to let the Birthplace staff know in advance so they can better accommodate everyone.

Girl Scout First Headquarters, Savannah GAThe Girl Scout First Headquarters, a program center for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, also offers tours and programs that can be reserved in advance.

In addition, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia offers many Council’s Own badge/patch opportunities. Topics vary from history to marine exploration, and there’s a strong chance your planned activities will put you well on your way to completion. Community partners such as Sea Kayak Georgia and Tybee Island Marine Science Center also offer guided badge/patch programs. Council’s Own materials can be downloaded from GSHG’s website, and the badges/patches can be purchased at the First Headquarters shop.

explore the city and the coast

But there’s so much more to do in Savannah!

GSHG notes, “There are many sites in Savannah which are associated with the life of Juliette Gordon Low and the history of Girl Scouting. Just a few of these sites include Christ Church, Laurel Grove Cemetery, and the Andrew Low House.”

And since Savannah is a coastal community dating back to the United States’ earliest days, there are activities available to suit every group! The Visit Savannah site has a three-day sampler of recommended activities, including shopping for vintage items, tasting Savannah’s wonderful food, and catching a ghost tour! Many businesses offer something special for Girl Scouts, so be sure to ask. Simply searching “girl scout savannah” in your browser will bring up many of them!

Please remember that Safety Activity Checkpoints come into play here just as they do everywhere; if you choose to splash in the water, be sure you have the right proportion of watchers and lifeguards. Some of the riptides off Tybee Island are fierce.

don’t want to roll your own?

Some troops adore the opportunity to plan their own adventure from start to finish, and Savannah is an easy destination to turn them loose on. But if your troop is not one of those, EF Tours has packages specifically for Girl Scouts.

keeping track

Spreadsheets are wonderful management tools—some of your sister leaders shared their Savannah spreadsheets here for you to download them.

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