Big, soft thumbs are pressing on my cheekbones by my nose. They push my eyes closed, even when I try to pull the lids back open.

The band of forehead just above my eyebrows feels the same way: heavy without being weighty, buzzy.

There must be a weather front moving in. Just when I was thinking I might gather a little momentum, too!

But maybe there’s residue from the stomach bug Baby C gave me last week. Maybe, too, there’s residue from just this morning having my first workout in over a week.

The two-hour nap was satisfying, but not reviving. The rooibos and spices are satisfying, but not energizing.

Still, before the nap I read the notes for my meeting tomorrow night.

Still, I’ve gotten myself in front of the page, and am writing.

Perhaps I’ll call this a win, and settle into doing smaller, more physical things. Like “making” recycled soap.

a cake of recycled soap slivers


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