As in, “caught flatfooted.”

I’d thought the morning held enough time to blog, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I worked on my homework. 

After class I was going to blog, but I connected with another student — classmate in both my classes, as it works out — and by the time I’d strolled with her I was practically to my car. So I got in. 

And ran errands until 5:30pm, when I got home, drew breath, and suddenly felt like a pallet of bricks had dropped on me. Some of it was that I was hungry,

but unlike cut flowers in a solution of new water and an aspirin, I did not lift my drooping head after dinner. 

In fact, I’d nearly forgot I didn’t have a post. I don’t know what recalled it to mind. But recalled it is, something has been found, and back to homework I return. Tomorrow will bring its new inspirations and distractions. 

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