portrait of kimbol

(portrait after Dean_Rader)

Born in Tallahassee, Florida to Seminole parents, Kimbol Dianne (Lawrence) Soques quickly relocated to Bloomington, Indiana. She initially liked snow, but quickly forgot about it while in Athens, Georgia. She did not, however, forget about swimming. In Athens there is a plaque commemorating her toddler forays from the diving board (1 meter). It is theorized that her peripatetic tendencies were formed at that time, as she then proceeded to Alexandria, Virginia; Louisville, Kentucky; and Monroeville, Pennsylvania, sometimes on foot. In 1986 she left Pennsylvania for Houston, next Austin, Texas, where she was then trapped {{Citation needed}}. The ankle fetter did not halt her food-oriented excursions, as she attempted to taste one dish from every culinary variation without referring to a life-list. Nor did reproduction significantly slow her; “Squid before two opens one’s horizons,” is one of her better-known aphorisms. Only mildly interested in computers, they nevertheless flocked about her as she flowed through the turn of the century. It is in that time that she acquired the habit of carrying a screwdriver in her front pocket for protection.

She now collects Austonian origin myths when not working with Girl Scouts to make the world a better place, or writing poems.

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