well, really, what’s it look like

Today’s flipped upside-down, except for the swimming. (I did haul myself out of bed and into the pool by 7:15 a.m.) Lots of paid-work—for me—and now, in the evening, reading learning thinking and, oh, look! blogging.

And I am feeling tired, more tired than I would’ve been if the day went right-side up.

Tired, I have fewer “stop that” energons, so as I’m reading/learning/thinking I’m internally muttering about how this new book is likely superfluous to HabitForming, that I have plenty of material that’s more pertinent, that what I really need is Jen Louden’s new work about the Hounds of Enough but I don’t really need-need that

all the while skidding over the new-book exercises I’m supposed to be doing. Which she says not to… skid, that is. “The exercises take more time than you want to give. The process is slow and will tax your patience.” [90] Ouch!

And I fell sideways out of all of that, into
what is my vision? For HabitForming, at minimum?

I will hunger to spend half an hour (at least!) in the day turning my thoughts into writing.
The hunger will be so strong I will be sad if I do not receive the gift of doing so. The hunger will be so strong that thoughts will beg to be written about. I will smile in satisfaction each time I successfully craft my thoughts into words for thirty minutes.

Hm. Well, now that I’ve taken the time to look at it, it’s not a faith-thing. Qua Christianity, anyhow.

But then, right now HabitForming isn’t about studying the Bible. It’s about being my own guinea pig and forming a habit. ANY habit.

Now that we know what it looks like, I wonder if it’s going to be compelling?

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