warp of 2019

scribbled-on planning pages splayed across a table

I’d thought my work-blocks would play themselves out differently, and I would write-write today. Still, we’re mostly level-set after camping for four days, I’ve brain-dumped over 25 action items,

and I’ve finally been able to start stringing my warp for the loom of 2019. I hadn’t even gotten our kitchen calendar up!


Originally, and even as I began this post, I thought I’d type up my planner pages before going to bed,

but now that it’s 8:40pm I see it could also be wise to press pause, and pick it up again in the morning.


It’s funny how the weft will take care of itself no matter whether I do anything or not.

But the fabric won’t be strong if the warp’s not well-strung.

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