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Back when the World Wide Web was young, it was popular to include, front and center on one’s site or page, a graphic that looked like a yellow road sign of a stick-person digging. (Sometimes these would be –gasp!– animated.) Below would be the caption, “This page (or site) is under construction.”

Even back then I found this an annoying statement of the obvious. A Web-thing is made of digital bits; there is nothing inherently permanent about it!

Twenty-some years later I might be able to get myself to a more sympathetic place–our prior communication-work-product was more likely to become tangibly finished, and to have to be physically revised, so perhaps it was disorienting to operate in a world where that was never objectively true.

But then again, maybe I can’t. Won’t.


I’m reading an ecofeminist theology article from 1999. I find the situation-ality pervasive and relentless: “a somewhat different epistemology […] because no one can claim to be starting from zero” — “what we call ‘knowing'” — “to attempt to express in tentative and limited words what our experience is” …. (Gebara, 48-9) .


Good God, whether above or cellularly pervasive (so that I am not reifiying Your relationality) grant me patience–grant me sympathy.

Because I am so annoyed by being repeatedly informed we’re all and always “under construction” I may go in the rainy backyard and burn every last page.

Just say the thing already!

Gebara, Ivone. Longing For Running Water. Fortress Press (1999).

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