too tired to think

…so instead I’m reading.

But what do we mean by identity? The missiologist-theologians Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden, who have studied identity and dignity, nuance the differences between the two as those of substance and value, suggesting, “Identity answers the question ‘Who am I?’, while dignity answers the question, ‘What am I worth?'”


Within our historic Christian faith we affirm that all humanity bears the imprint of the Divine, that we are made in the image of God. This is the starting point for drawing forward our sense of dignity, the intrinsic value that is ascribed not earned, based on our essence in reflecting a good and loving God.

— The Sacred Enneagram, Chris Heuertz, p. 17 (bold-emphasis mine)

Intrinsic value, ascribed. Inscribed.

If I can hold that, I’ll have come a long way.

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