thousands of feet in the air

The older I get, the more tiring persistent machine noise has become. Noise-cancelling headphones may be privileged as all get-out… and I’m glad I now have them.

The Bluetooth keyboard is also a major win. Though a couple of the keys occasionally have to be re-seated, and I’m on my way to wearing the “n” off here, too. Evidently the “n” is my favorite key!

The visit was good, but somehow felt inward. There was more silence than I was expecting; I hope it was companionable? Perhaps it was me.

The “hills” of Pittsburgh are a landscape of my heart. I looked out the window as our plane started to land, and was startled to find tears filling my throat. Today I pulled My Sweetie up a hill in Schenley Park just so I could “see.” I can’t see like that at home.

I thought I might write yesterday. Then reading my homework was going to offer interesting compost for this post. It did come close—there was a flicker as I considered how the polity of the Presbyterian church is like a villanelle for being God’s people together—but perhaps the machine noise (a generator with a pervasive high whine just outside the gate area) blew it out.

Someone is wearing lavender. I’m glad.

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