That assumes a “typical”

It’s mid-afternoon. I’ve told myself several narratives about today, and about this post; I think the first one was around midnight, but I’m never sure about me and the middle of the night. 

What I am sure of is what my movement-tracker tells me: that I haven’t gotten a full eight hours of sleep since school started, and I ran low the week before as well. I am persistently sleepy, and it’s coming out in molasses movement and irrational hunger. 

It’s also coming out in a huge mismatch between what I consider doing and what I manage. Example 1 is a coordinating note I first thought about sending on Wednesday. I had a reason to press pause then, but my later pauses… . After two of the parties asked me today what the plan was, I flat-out stopped what I was doing and wrote the fool note. Enough already!

Example 2: I am catching up on my homework. Eight chapters of my main textbook, four chapters of my secondary text, and Mark. From 10am-12:30, I read in bed…but achieved neither a real nap (my true goal!) or overmuch progress. 

Given the evidence in front of me–it’s been worsening since Wednesday–I decided I’d best Write Now, before something else derailed me. 

Like Chapter 6. Or a(nother) packet of graham crackers. (Serving Size 8 crackers. 1 serving = 2 full cracker sheets. 1 packet = 9 full cracker sheets.)

Here’s hoping that Saturday begins to restore my balance!

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