Ten pins

…the idea being that I would set them up, then knock them down. Let’s see…

Today, in no especial order:

one, two, three Silver Award explanation emails
one set of parents to airport
one hour-long workout
one set of shiny toenails
one batch of business cards retrieved
one insurance claim reply
one extensive, futile rummage through drawers, files, and folders searching for the Senior National Park Service Pass
one free-flowing riff on process articulation, organizational history and characteristics, and children
one podcast feed pulled back from the too-many-downloads abyss

And one blog post. That, once the dust started settling at 9:30pm, I didn’t think I’d get to.

That’s twelve!

2 thoughts on “Ten pins

  1. My Sweetie pointed out that I left off getting out minivan inspected! Plus there were two routine-business emails I sent. Which puts me up to…fifteen? I know about ten-pin, and twelve-pin, but I don’t think there’s a fifteen-pin version of bowling. XD

  2. In WII sports — for bowling training there’s a 100 pin option. It starts with 10 and adds pins until you graduate to 100.

    Yeah, sometimes life adds more pins, I guess……

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