teaching inward

As I was looking forward (think: ahead, think: pleasurably anticipate) to my pilgrimage-in-place time, I made a list of the inward spiritual practices I’ve done.

  • Ignatian exercises, in the 5-day format, up at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House
  • walking labyrinth meditations
  • crafting a 3-day local retreat for myself and two other parent-artists, when all our progeny were young
  • Centering Prayer
  • a few days in silence, either on my own or at Lebh Shomea
  • lectio divina
  • what we then called Cursillo ™
  • S-T-O-P:
    Stop, Take a breath mindfully; Observe body sensations, thoughts of all sorts, emotions; Proceed
    …though I learned this practice as part of my Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

No wonder my people were unsurprised to spend a day with me, silent.

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