some rules

Obviously inexpensive “fake” earrings — like my plastic nearly 1/2”-diameter “diamonds” — are whimsical and charming… as long as the metal fittings haven’t oxidized. Then they’re cheap.

Nail polish should never be chipped. Even on toes. So wear socks if you haven’t gotten around to the acetone yet.

Putting together an outfit is its own art form. Like poetry, it’s still satisfying even when no one else sees it.

“Only three pieces of jewelry” is still a good baseline. Constraints drive innovation and focus.

Similarly, “white only between Easter and Labor Day” can give a good shift to the year when the climate won’t do it for you. Bonus: suede is a “winter” material, linen a “summer.” I can eat peaches in January, too, but the local June ones are more fun… and often juicier.

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