social rules of the 1970s

Do not telephone another home before 10am.


Do not knock on the door before 10am either. Their parents are still sleeping.


If you see someone out playing in the street — or in their front yard — before 10am, you may go play (after you tell your parent that’s what you’re doing).



A school-friend Facebook-messaged me last night about a possible social engagement. Delicate negotiations on my side ensued, which did not wrap up until my devices had been shut down for the night.

When I got up this morning… around 7:30am; we slept in… I thought about letting my friend know we’d join him. And then I winced, because what if he leaves his pings on and his device by his head?

Better to leave it ’till later. Like 10am later.


I have this problem when I want to text my A as well, since I absolutely know she’s only conscious before 10am when she visits here-!

So I think the social code I learned as a little-y overlays well onto my social media: if the “I’m online!” bubble is lit up, then they’re fair game, but otherwise? Not until 10!

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