-shakes head- no no no no

I’m having flashbacks. As the quips say, dejá vu all over again.

I’m falling into last summer. Where I bobbed like a cork in the stream of whatever only to arise in September saying, What the—?!

It’s now Thursday, plenty of time to shift back from vacation-time. Yet:

Writing isn’t actually happening. Tackling my list of the (non-writing) important and increasingly urgent isn’t actually happening. (Except for the online shopping component.) Pointless social media surfing is happening, while I’m internally drumming my fingers trying to figure out how/when to perform my priorities.

Today makes a good example:

  • Wake early & eat.
  • Mow. Sever headphone cable. Sweep porch.
  • Clean up self.
  • Pick up van from My Sweetie’s workplace, shifting donate-able packing materials from small car to big car. (We’re back to car-sharing again. B had an appointment.)
  • Take boxes etc to campus for colleague.
  • Eat early lunch.
  • Go to grocery store for tonight’s supplies.
  • Get home with supplies; change into exercise clothes.
  • Assemble marinade.
  • Wash dishes.

Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve managed to squeeze this in before my 1:15pm workout before my 3pm haircut. I likely wouldn’t’ve, except that I sadly composed half of this while driving from school to the store.

There are Girl Scouts I need to converse with. There are essays I’m pretty sure I want to write,

and poems that might show up if only there were a little more quiet/still time. They’re like rabbits, poems. It works better if you’re motionless for a while.


I just realized I forgot to pause-pray this morning.


I didn’t like last summer well enough to do it again.

Besides, I have all last summer’s intended projects to do, as well as the ones for now.

<shakes head>

I wish I knew what to move.

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