Santo Domingo will be happy soon

One idea is that spending the day getting from here to there* will offer plenty of time for reflection, and thus plenty of opportunity to write interesting things.

Another idea is that moving through unfamiliar spaces after sleeping inadequately on unfamiliar beds will steal most of the available cognitive energy. Not to mention waiting for a connecting flight in the midst of a delayed flight to Kingston and an evidently long-delayed flight to Santo Domingo. If the unhappy folk are neither Brit-descended nor of German heritage, things get quite noisy. (My A during a brief phone call: “Who’s the baby?” Said baby was two yards away, making a break from Abuela.)

I’ll be touching down at Austin-Bergstrom at 1:30am, they tell me. So naturally I’ll be taking a road trip to Fort Worth tomorrow-!

We’ll find out what that means for blogging when we get to the other side.

All that notwithstanding: my cousin’s Cape Cod wedding was lovely, and the party was a joyful delight. I could have danced all night… but I was a kind carpooler and went home to the hotel at 10pm. Unseasonably cool weather made for good hiking during the day, too. It was a good, good weekend.

Bright pink beach rose, plus rose hips
Beach rose and rose hips

*or there to here, since we’re heading home

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