Risen indeed

Which sounds ‘way more serious than I’m going to be here. 

I am in a blissful near-coma brought on by dear family having gathered together for wonderful food and storytelling. This meal’s story theme: stupid things done while Scouting or a young teen. Those categories turned out to be interchangeable, interestingly enough. And even 14yo N had a few gems he was willing to share. Featuring other people Not Him, as is wise!, but still good currency at the big-people table. 

We started this day by commemorating new life via new clothes, and by reminding each other that Christianity doesn’t have a story to tell if it doesn’t start with “Christ is risen.”

We re-told our big story, and re-told our little stories, and finally managed to push ourselves back from the table and rise to our feet. (TWO CAKES. Every year she makes two cakes, and I eat both-?!?!)

I’ve met yeast rolls that have risen farther than I’ve managed this afternoon, but that’s okay. Today’s a day worth celebrating, and good food is how we celebrate best. 

Risen indeed.

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