Glennies” discuss re-entry fiercely among themselves. Mostly because we do most things fiercely among ourselves, but also because going from fierce, dialed-in Glen Workshop life to quotidian life is a big gear-shift.

I compounded my return by next taking a week with My Sweetie to go on our own adventures: narrow-gauge train, proletarian hot-spring spa, hiking around Taos, visiting the ȉałopháymųp’ȍhə́othə̀olbo people’s community (Red Willow Canyon Mouth pueblo, labeled on maps as Taos Pueblo).

I’ve been deliciously sleep-melting into my own bed for a couple of nights now, but I’m still struggling with re-entry. So in the interim, I asked My Sweetie whether I could excerpt his comments from our visit to Red Willow Canyon Mouth pueblo. (For the record, that visit may include the only time I’ve hissed, “Cállate!” at him.)

His comments, from his friend-bounded social media:

Best Native American comeback to a culturally insensitive question:

Anglo tourist to our NA guide: “Do you get to vote?”

Our NA guide: “Yup, after the women got theirs.”


Here’s another one after our NA guide said the pueblo has agricultural holdings.

Anglo tourist: “What equipment do you use for farming?”

Our NA guide: “Tractors.”


view of Red Willow Canyon Mouth village, looking over the creek toward the church
Our backs are resting on the village wall, looking westward over the creek. Their taller structures are to our right and left.

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