Psycho-physical unities

I am taking the tops off my mosquito bites, under the magical delusion that they will itch less then… because I’ve let the humors out? Can’t say. It’s working for the big one on my right knee, though. 

I haven’t felt ill, but as I mentioned to Sara, all the observable data pointed that direction on Saturday. Including standing swaying, unable to focus, when trying to wash dishes last night. Also the 5pm insurmountable nap, and the subsequent ten hours of sleep.  

The nodding off over a theology text was not a useful data point. I do that anyway. 

This post’s title comes from a paragraph I just read in Daniel Migliore’s Faith Seeking Understanding. So far I’m getting the keenest pleasure as I read the contemporary theologians—evidently the ideas I’ve been swirling around in my isolated head grew from spores adrift in the air of my teens. Like the idea that our being physical matters to God as much as our less-tangible qualities of thought, reason, and emotion. I encountered that at my friends’ Reformed Jewish temple: if all creation is good, as God states, why would God have bothered with human bodies if God didn’t value them?

And here I find Famous Theologian saying something similar, huh!

Not to mention Elizabeth Johnson on the perichōrēsis of the Trinity. Go on, go look it up for yourself. 

I need to read my homework!

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