Psalm 70 – Deus In Adiutorium (God In Help) / John Hopkins

O God, to me take heed
of help I thee require:
O Lord of hosts with haste and speed
help, help, I thee desire.

With shame confound them all,
that seek my soul to spill:
Rebuke them back with blame to fall
that think and wish me ill.

Confound them that apply,
and seek to work me shame:
And at my harm, do laugh and cry,
so, so, there goes the game.

But let them joyful be,
in thee with joy and wealth:
Which only trust and seek to thee,
and to thy saving health:

That they may say always,
in mirth and one accord:
All glory, honor, laud and praise,
be given to the (O Lord).

But I am weak and poor,
come Lord thine aid I lack:
Thou art my stay and help therefore,
make speed and be not slack.


modernized by Kimbol Soques, collected in Before the door of God : an anthology of devotional poetry / Hopler, Jay ed.; Johnson, Kimberly ed. p.79

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