people required?

(I wrote this 7 July 2010, a.k.a. yesterday. Today, no writing. But typing.)

I have all these research-related ideas that I want to write about, but this morning what first popped into my head was:

My successful habits are linked to people.

This is no doubt going to end up as a key personal underpinning—and I don’t recall bumping into this in my reading. So here goes:

Walking for exercise = seeing Jenny. Swimming in the summers (or, for that matter, back in 2002-04, when I swam year-round) = connecting with the coach.

And, surprise, this week my coach is on vacation… and I have yet to go to the pool.

On the other hand, my schedule’s wacked out for the week. Everything’s getting pushed around. And last week my coach was still in town, but I wasn’t in the water… I was having stomach flu.

Nope, not holding up. Still, worth mulling over.

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