pascal’s wager

I don’t know whether Mr. Pastis chose this for a Sunday (4 Feb 2018) because it’s more than four panels, or for a Sunday because that’s the usual Christian day of worship.

But every time I read one of these presentations of existentialism, I think of Pascal’s Wager. (In case you got confused, it doesn’t ‘prove God.’ It is a probability grid of choices and outcomes based on God not being rationally provable.)

I consider:  I can insist on only hanging on to that which I think I can rationally prove… or at least touch. (I doubt my ability to rationally prove that My Sweetie loves me, though I can touch him, and kiss his smiling face.) Which takes me to the position above. Whistling in the dark… which makes me want to cry.


Or I can release my grasp, and allow unprovable belief in God to fill my ears with songs of agápē when the void tries to whisper my insignificance to me.

I have lived on the edge of the void. The God option is infinitely more joyous and life-sustaining.

And if, in the end, I am mistaken? I have still lived a joyous life, and that’s no small gift.

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