or maybe it’s more about the advertising…

I’ve been meaning to make a note of this –
I mean, I made the note mentally, and have taken that note out and looked at it several times, and even attached “This belongs in the blog” to the note. But I haven’t been over here — I’ve been trying to stay streamlined, arms by my ears/hands overlapped/kicking steadily, and this isn’t part of my current slipstream. ANYWAY

A chance comment by someone led to a poem led to a sort of slogan: dead meat things.
As in, things that if one doesn’t do them, one is ‘dead meat.’

Part of writing the poem was pinning down that I want poem-space to live in that frame, alongside laundry. (The poem is better; see the end of this post.)

But by doing that pinning, and making that phrase to myself, I gave myself – an anchor? Something I repeat to myself as my day wears away and I still haven’t made that space/taken the time.

And I became much more consistent. Just like that.

I want to think that through some more, go back to my research-books & see how the threads tie together…
…but for excellent reasons, right now I’m streamlined. Later, someday, maybe.

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