Oh, yeah. That wasn’t this.

I hammered away at SFD #3 today…3b, at this point, because I wanted to save a copy of the frame I made yesterday prior to filling it in today.

So I put many words onto digital paper. (And paper-paper, once I knocked off for the day.) I’m past 1700 of the words, in fact, which is twice as long as my most recent “long” piece. Woohoo!

But all that writing wasn’t this writing. I’d finished my steps, paused my podcast, plugged in all my devices, and as I turned toward my room I thought: dang it, I have no blog post in the queue.

Look! Here’s a blog post! Besides, it gives my thigh muscles a chance to stop twitching. I try not to move quickly when I step this late at night, but sometimes I forget.

SFD#3. Making headway in time for the July 1 deadline. Whew.

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