not quite a room of one’s own

Today the Dungeons & Dragons group met and adventured through a festival. After first eating a dent in My Sweetie’s leftovers, no mean feat, and exchanging holiday gifts.

In theory, I had nothing to do with any of this.

In practice, I couldn’t focus quite enough to find my own thoughts.

I did fine with focusing on the thoughts of others, so I tidied my inboxes, sent a reminder about a class I’m teaching Sunday afternoon, finished today’s Give Me a Word exercise, and started watching the “How to Be a Ruling Elder” video series the Rev. Dr. Leon sent us. Sure, I was in our office, with the beautiful neo-shoji doors closed, but I was still listening with one ear on the fun and festivities.

I did manage to mop the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room. To wash the laundry room’s rugs. To strip the condensed oil from the front of one cabinet (such a nuisance, took four different degreasers). To begin laundering our clothes. And to work out for an hour and a half-!

When nothing else is coming together, there’s always physical things to be done.


*Title hearkens back to the novelist Virginia Woolf and her recommendations for women writers.

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