Maybe there’s not enough compost

Not sure why I blanked out yesterday, or am blanking out now. I did manage to squeak in submissions to three journals, thus maintaining My Streak (whew!). And had the dubious pleasure of my shortest rejection turnaround EVAR: one hour. Kid you not. My studio partner suspects a rejection-‘bot, as in, “I could write a script for that. No problem.”

But evidently I’m not thinking any thoughts. Instead, I’ll engineer a display. If it works, you can see two of my obsessions graphically mapped on top of each other!

2 thoughts on “Maybe there’s not enough compost

  1. And so, which Girl Scout are you? 🙂 I’m thinking you’re probably more toward the Rachel type. You never were an under achiever.

    Oh, and I believe rejection-bots are real, too. Sometimes I think they operate at the DNS level.

    1. Emmie, actually. Remember all those summer adventure trips I took? I bathed before, and when I got home. (There was swimming in the middle!) Badges I remember as levers for digging into things I was interested in…if I’m already in the sandbox, might as well get a badge while I’m there. 😉
      Re rejection-bots: I read a blog post today about collecting 100 lit rejections vs. thinking about acceptances. I count submissions, since it’s the only part I control, but 100 a year -! I’m only averaging in the mid-30s (1 sub/mo with 3ish works per sub). Hmmmm!

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