Nope, not done

Today, as I planned (!), I defined my GSSD project. Upon reflection, much of which involved noticing where I tensed and where I relaxed, what made me breathe more deeply or more shallowly, I came to this project statement:

Create and validate a Kimbol-specific, flexible day structure that accommodates operations, creation, and serendipity so that I feel both grounded and visionary.

Because as I moved through the deciding-exercises, I realized that the identification work I did last week was great… but the real proof will be in the using. And using a system for seven weeks is a wonderful proving-ground for its effectiveness. I know I’ll need scaffolding and accountability to keep on engaging with my toolbox day in, day out for anything longer than two weeks. (Yep, that’s my usual limit. That, and five weeks—a little more than a month.) Plus by articulating this, making it into a statement instead of a loose feeling, I’ve now told myself why this matters to me. That’s one element more than I managed with the project I worked on the last time I took this course!

So, nope. Not done. Only begun.

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