(no title) / Christina Rossetti

Lord, dost Thou look on me and will not I
Launch out my heart to Heaven to look on Thee?
Here if one loved me I should turn to see,
And often think on him and often sigh,
And by a tender friendship make reply
To love gratuitous poured forth on me,
And nurse a hope of happy days to be,
And mean “until we meet” in each good-bye.
Lord, Thou dost look and love is in Thine Eyes,
Thy Heart is set upon me day and night,
Thou stoopest low to set me far above;
O Lord, that I may love Thee make me wise;
That I may see and love Thee grant me sight;
And And give me love that I may give Thee love.


collected in Before the door of God : an anthology of devotional poetry / Hopler, Jay ed.; Johnson, Kimberly ed. p260

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