(in response to my earlier post “focus too narrow? focus too wide? “)

Packing my lunch takes 5 minutes, which isn’t actually much. Not long enough to be telling myself, “I don’t have time to bring my lunch.” (I timed it, while heating my leftover coffee: 3x coffee-heating-time.)

Mowing the backyard now takes 30 minutes. This (a) moves it out of the “Good gracious, I must plan ahead” range; (b) puts it within plausible procrastination target range. So far I’m barely not-mowing today.

I have a favorite 3-hole punch. It’s in our library. I bring stacks of paper, generated wherever, over there to punch them.

this is a coffee bowl: bigger than a mug, has a handle

How many days can I use my favorite coffee bowl before the lip-edge gets too… mmm… crusty and it must be washed? I mean, my kitchen standards are unusually low. Three weeks ago Line Cook A shut down my sandwich roast beef 3 minutes after her arising from sleep. “I don’t have to be awake to know that’s not edible. No. Not even if you toast it.”

My new backpack has right-handed bias. Now that my keys routinely stay clipped to it, that’s getting on my nerves. Wait. No. When it’s properly on my shoulders, my keys dangle to my left. Success!

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