musings in semi-private

This post has no tags, because I don’t think it’s going to have a real topic… except for “showing up,” which could be tagged ‘habits’ but only peripherally.

Nine PM seems to be cropping up more and more often as my writing time,

except that it’s a LOUSY writing-time for me.

My energy’s at its lowest ebb, and I’m lucky to not be sliding sideways off this chair. My brain is full of chaff—the husks of all the things that got done and are left undone today. I look at my ‘write about this!’ notes and think, Meh. Tonight I lack the energy to reach for WW, to gather more ideas to chew on…

…it’s a Dick Francis night. Or Daniel Silva, if I’m feeling more contemporary.

Thing To Do: figure out a way to slip writing in when I don’t have the computer on. (Besides pencil & paper, you smart-aleck!) It’d be nice to be able to post & be finished, rather than knowing I still had a typing step left. But no 11pm projects THIS night!


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