(ni bon, ni juste)

Starting a Pandora station by choosing the band Blood, Sweat, and Tears makes a gloriously funk-filled sonic experience with no tweaking needed. By choosing Chicago, the drift into Air Supply and REO Speedwagon is quick.

People are paying attention. It’s not just your kids who attend to what you do more than what you say, and like your kids, they’re always attending.

Tisane over ice may be the perfect beverage. But somehow iced tea’s caffeine doesn’t bother me, despite drinking a quart of it day.

Love songs are hard to do well, despite there being so many of them. (Love poems are even harder.)


3 thoughts on “Mots

      1. Yeah, that would do it for me. And…I do draw the line at Air Supply. I mean, I have some standards…. ๐Ÿ˜€

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