Yeah, evening writing isn’t my best. Today I didn’t have a spark to carry around in a jar, so I’m standing in the dining room staring into the kitchen thinking, “Now what?”

Yes, that could be a reference to my dinner plans as well, but following the practice of most primary cooks, My Sweetie left me well-supplied while he’s traveling. Tonight is frittata. 

The good news within the equivocal day is that my mom’s eyelid procedures went beautifully well. Pro tip that she and I learned: if staff say, “It takes just fifteen minutes,” that’s per element. And for most people, it’s one or two elements—tweaking the upper eyelid muscle and hiking up the floppy skin below the browbone, say. Not long! But my mom had five elements: each eyelid muscle, so that’s four, plus one browbone. 

If I had known about the hour-plus duration, I’d’ve booted my laptop and written.


Instead, you can watch this clip:

and then listen to what Presbyterians sound like:

One thought on “Mayhem

  1. Why are there so many songs about rainbows? And I have a follow up…and what’s on the other side?

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