Maybe you’ll want to, too?

I’d almost climbed into bed when I realized that I’d lost track of writing a blog-post.

And then I realized that part of what happened was that I had composed a blog post… just not for this blog. To further complicate my memory, what I was really doing at the time was figuring out how to automatically notify a mailing list of people when a new post for that blog was published… except that the list is run from an old-school program, and what WordPress understands are the glossy modern editions. It gets even more arcane from there, so I’ll leave it there… feel free to contact me over email if this arcana appeals. <grins slyly>

I’m quite chuffed, as the Brits say, that I triumphed over the various programs to do what I wanted. And I’m mildly pleased to have put together the post, too, even though (in my head) the post’s purpose was to test my tech. I suspect as well that it will be counter-productive to stay up late to craft something original. So y’all instead get a chance to read my Other Blog Post!

Besides, maybe the service project will also appeal to you-? There’s a warehouse full of lonely, unwanted old-school rolled bandages waiting to be deployed…

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