let the circle be unbroken

Or, in this case, the streak: I’ve sent two more poetry submissions out into the world, so September is covered. October 2013 began the run—this makes five years of sending something forth each and every month.

(Trivia: one of the places I submitted to this time, I submitted to on precisely the same day last year. Funny!)

I also am finding it satisfying to have finally incorporated my Glen Workshop feedback into two of my poems. I didn’t realize how much that unfinished-ness has weighed on me… I think because the suggestions were so helpful, many of them putting their fingers (pens?) exactly on the sore spots of the works. I feel almost giddy!

Part of my editing included finding the source-work for an ekphrastic poem I made a few years ago. Ah, the glory that can be the Interwebs! For your viewing pleasure, I include the first half of William Lamson’s work Hydrologies

“Hydrologies Atacama”


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