just fugit, no tempus about it

During worship I had piquant and elevating thoughts that held the promise of a good blog post or two.

And then I had a hunger for a burger, and (an hour or so later) a nap, and now my brain is about as piquant as a bowl of potato soup.

Standing at the kitchen pass-through, tidying up the morning’s newspapers, I thought up those lines, a snappy title, and an follow-on that would be humorous yet brief.

But by the time I sat down to write, all that was left was this. See: potato soup.

It impresses me that I have a positive-spin reflex… here I am, grousing in my head about not-writing (so far) three posts today, and my brain answers myself: well, perhaps it’ll now be easier to read G-1.03 to G-6.06 of the Book of Order-?

So my potato self is on the sofa with said book and coffee. But it may go grab a Rex Stout (Murder By the Book) to finish first.

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