Home again, home again

I’m hoping I haven’t used that before, because it’s a refrain from my family of origin, taken from:

To market, to market to buy a fat pig; home again home again, jiggety-jig.

It was a good off-grid weekend. On reflection, I don’t know that I’ve had a bad off-grid weekend– point, make note of. For this one, maybe the special sauce was having my mom as wingperson. As we were saying our (extended, as usual) goodbyes, she commented how being with sometime friends is ever-so-slightly more stressful than being with your “people”–the ones you can be warty with, or not. I’m not much for hiding my warts regardless, but it was handy to be able to give a three word explanation when my heart overflowed through my eyes. That takes history.
Enough of that for now. Let’s talk about the coming week! IN WHICH we cut all our plates in half and continue to be hungry and IN WHICH we got a new book, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist, which is really a workbook. It looks like Project Week! Perhaps Project Month, or Project Several Months. Plate-cutting is going to be multiple months for sure. And the tagline, “It’s the Purpose-Driven Life for Artists,” certainly has a multi-week vibe to it.

Either way, transformation is in the air.

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