hearts and ashes

One of the side effects of having a social media life full of Christian writers is how, collectively, we’re all standing around today — Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday both — saying, “Whoa…. Did you see what happened there, that juxtaposition? Whoa.”

We like when life constructs its own metaphors.

I like it less when I’m looking at my once-planned day and trying to decide whether it’s been laid waste in a toddler-like squall of independence (“Don’t plan me in!”) or a malaise with no tracks.

I’ve agreed that I’ll scale back today to be laundry with a stretch goal of the last video-lecture due before class. But if you’d like some writing-writing today, read my friend D.L. Mayfield’s. She has a lyrical way about her even in difficult spaces…

Today is a day all about love, today is a day all about death. And they are so finely connected, the latter illuminating the former, that I can barely catch my breath.

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