grocery list

Things I thought I would buy once:

  • medical procedure masks
    We bought one 10-pack, a second… a 20-pack by accident… — which I assumed would mostly collect dust. We’re down to perhaps 10, this because we mostly have used washable masks with disposable filters. They’re our “keep in the car just in case” masks.
  • alcohol wipes, 70% isopropyl or higher
    The coupon was “buy two,” so I did even though I assumed I’d only use these during the 3 months of my internship. February-April 2021, that was. We need a new pack soon.
  • 2.5PM carbon filters, to fit inside cloth masks
    A 20-pack seemed like a lot. We have thus far consumed seven packs.
  • N-95 masks
    When I concluded my internship, I still had four or five carefully fitted bubble-style N-95 masks — though I was no longer part of a medical team. These would last me for a very long time, I thought, since I’d only use them in rare cases like air travel. I still have, I think, three… but only because these are less manageable than the N-95 masks we’re now routinely using.

I also have tucked away a few disposable procedure gowns, a clear face mask, and most of a box of latex-free procedure gloves. I don’t think these will make it on the household’s standing grocery list, though. Like the single-layer masks tucked next to them, however, I’m not going to throw them away. Just in case.

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