Go, Poké-Go!

Quiet day: I burned my wordsmithing while coming up with snappy copy.

I joined a new “thang” — our church has gained momentum in putting together a women’s ministry, and I’ve joined the first coordinating team/board/whathaveyou. (For clarity: we have many wonderful groups, missions, studies, and events geared toward women. What we don’t have is any sort of coordination or cohesion…which is in part what this crew will be modeling.) We are still articulating an organizing statement we think will last, and we haven’t remotely gotten to picking a date for our launch party, but communication deadlines march on nonetheless. I am, perhaps, more aware of this than many -! So I offered to come up with something to include in the back-to-school newsletter, to prime the pump for our REAL announcement. But wait, I’m out of pocket all the rest of this week. And the person taking point for this leaves town as I get back.

Today was The Only Day. If I had more time, I likely would have written half and set it aside “to clear,” like chicken stock, but staring at it bleakly got the job done.

I also got a massage that hovered on the edge of winces but delivered cheerfully subdued muscles. And cracked open one of the personal-development classes I bought last month…which recommended a personality test I thought I’d done but l can’t find the results for AND a personality test-in-a-book that I just had to drive to the library to pick up. Before I go out of town! Because I’m going to have so many opportunities for introspection this week? Yeah, you got me there.

Hey, at least the laundry’s nearly finished.

Then B invited me to (recommended that I?) go with her on a ramble around the neighborhood. Rather than the measly 2,000 summertime steps I’m currently accumulating daily, I got 7,000 again. Much better all around; thanks, B!

Why the invite? You’re not really asking, are you? Of course B is playing Pokémon Go! I carried my phone in my hand so I would Look Cool. B actually used hers to hatch some PokéEggs. She found no wild monsters.

Time to finish the laundry!

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