“Get the dread over with.” -Richard Lawrence

First day back.

Since I left off working routine hours, that hasn’t meant much—one can ramp back up by adding and subtracting whatever’s needed. It’s an effective way to operate, really; no need for my earlier rhythms of waiting until I was desperately bored in recuperation, then parachuting back in to the stream of work.

However, today is a full day. Class as usual, plus both exams, plus an outing with a friend. To see a band.

My Sweetie kissed me goodbye and said, “Be well!”
Because, really, that’s the risk at hand.

On the upside, both exams happen before the band. In the other scenario, I would’ve taken one of the exams tomorrow morning… post-concert. Which might’ve gone quite poorly for me, since I’m not good at late nights. (Yes, that was extremely understated. Y’all hush.)

Full day. Long day.


I close my eyes and imagine jumping into the diving well, to touch bottom and push off again. I can gather enough breath. I can strike the water with enough force, streamline my body like a knife…

I may have to drive down the last feet using my arms. My lungs will likely scream even before my feet land on the rough floor.

But I know the airless feeling is only those moments. I will drive up equally fast, faster, exploding up from the water like a cork.


My alarm’s going off. Time to go to school.

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