Fragile flow

I wrote one version of this post at 6:30am, in my head. Since I didn’t get up to type, I was sleeping, and i don’t remember what I “wrote.” As far as I can remember.

I was happy to get up and know that I’d “written,” though, since I’d barely written anything all week.

One new person in my household, and my whole daily flow changes to white-water over rocks?! Really?!?! Even when this new person has seldom stirred before 11am this week?

It’s also true that I’m in week two of No School. That’s certainly not helping me keep from decending into processional vagaries…

…including naps. They were nice, those naps. (Now you know where I was when I wasn’t writing to you!)

The silver lining here kicked in Thursday, as I was scolding myself. The lecture seemed familiar…so I paused and thought. Oh yeah. It is the same, same as last year at this time. Time for transition-allowance, and a little thoughtful consideration.

Perhaps my Sabbath-keeping can include a little centering and alignment along all my dimensions this week!

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