For Thursday? Another quote.

I go to church on Sundays, not to dispel this doubt but to expend its energy, because faith is not a state of mind but an action in the world, a movement toward the world.

I read this and wanted to highlight it in hot pink. But the volume I’m reading is a library book, and I’m a Trained Information Professional…they’d revoke my license if I did that. Still! Faith alongside love as something one does — amen/what he said!

And then I rolled along to

How charged this one hour of the week is for me, and how I cherish it, though not one whit more than the hours I have with my wife, with friends, or in solitude, trying to learn how to inhabit time so completely that there might be no distinction between life and belief, attention and devotion. (emphasis kds)
—”Love Bade Me Welcome,” Christian Wiman in Ambition and Survival, p244-5

Happy sigh. One of the nicer moments in reading is the place where one resonates, says, “You mean I’m not the only one?” Someone else out there is trying to live at the intersection of a completely-lived life and acting via faith.

Which includes sitting through church. All the weeks!

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