Pulling out the ladder and setting it up.

Two not-very-interrupted hours at home, with no more-urgent tasks.

Temperatures below 85 degrees F, or 3-inch grass.

Three required establishments within five minutes of each other.

No half-and-half. Or no steel-cut oats.

Q: What are the necessary pre-conditions for me to:

  • trim limbs from our trees
  • handle digital tasks that require a “real” computer and not just my phone
  • mow the lawn
  • run errands
  • go to the grocery store


We’ve been driving through tree branches since March. But today was the day I actually pulled the ladder out of the garage…and trimmed three trees. Mowed the yard “while I was at it,” too, though the tufty little grass-tonsures I left around the trees and decorative boulders may drive me bonkers. (The downed branches are dragged off to a corner of the yard awaiting magic.) Tuesday I dove through a flooding downpour to retrieve half-and-half, but the threat of hail plus one more day of breakfast oatmeal postponed the real grocery trip to Wednesday. The socks that need to be returned are having fun riding around in the back seat of my car just in case I end up near their store. Odds are not in their favor today. Or tomorrow, since I already got acupuncture and groceries.

They fascinate me, the various non-barriers that operate throughout my life.


I have yet to figure out what the pre-condition for talking on the phone is.
I suspect there’s no initial step that would lower my barriers there. Pity.

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