calculating expenditure

It’s now past 8pm. Before 8am, I was mulling this topic… not simply for blogging purposes, but because this new term is calling for it.

You’re thinking: she started grad school. That’s got some fiscal implications; makes sense she would be thinking through… well, economies, perhaps. Bringing her lunches, buying fewer new clothes, suchlike.

In fact, I haven’t worked for hire in a while, so the absence of ‘my income’ is a settled fact. Too, while I have tuition costs, I’ve been having them — in a slightly-increasing way, as I went from taking one class to taking two and now to taking three — so the difference there is not, say, from zero to full-time fees.

What I’m calculating is my expenditure of time.

Today, for example, was a day full of house-manage with a few sidebars for classwork. My Hebrew class met in the middle of the day; I read some of my Religions homework over lunch and then in a window between a laundry phase and “Dinner is on the table.” So that’s… two hours of the twelve. The reading nevertheless will need to be completed tonight, since I’ll be using it tomorrow.

Friday, my “open day,” is presently looking like it will fill with library-page work, exercise, and dynamic stretching. There’s a women’s board meeting Sunday for which a little web work needs to happen. This Saturday is chock-full of new-student-requiredness; Friday night I’m teaching Girl Scout adult skills.

10 pounds in a 5 pound sack, and unlike some I don’t operate well on a non-stop pace.

Hence I’m calculating expenditure,
in the moments when I’m sorting laundry
as I hold still, face down, for acupuncture
as I fall asleep later tonight.

But right now, I’ll bid you goodnight and go read a chapter.

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