Breathing in

The air breathing out of the undeveloped block next to ours is pleasant and cool.

My Sweetie decided to walk after dinner, and I went with him for All the Good Reasons. It’s lovely to have eliminated the stay-home reasons! Almost an hour of golden light and soft air…the perfect time of the year. All three hours of it!

I’m joking but not—Central Texas has many weather peculiarities, one of which is an absence of those clearly defined times that on the East Coast are called “the four seasons.” My youngest, B, is fond of this hoary saw:

Q: What are the four seasons of Central Texas?
A: Summer, Still-Summer, Not-Summer, and Almost-Summer

We’re in Almost-Summer. Which means the evenings are warm enough to eat outside, often with a breeze to push the mosquitoes away. Cool enough to walk, even at a brisk pace, without getting too sticky-sweaty. Flowers abound, and the world smells sweet.

If it’s like this tomorrow, I’ll be delighted.
If it’s like this next week, I’ll be stunned.

In other news, I started That Draft today! It is shaping up to be what Brené Brown (and Anne Lamott before her) refer to an SFD. But now that I’m halfway along—nope, I did NOT get to the other end in one pass—I can see that I have to write this before I can write anything else. And having rolled this around in my head for as long as I have, if I could have bypassed this version, I would have! By tomorrow, I may be happy I have this draft underway; today I’m at least pleased by the raw fact of its existence.

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