body in motion

Yesterday I had plans. Similar in form and function to the plans I had each day last week, and the week before that…

You can see where this is headed. Yep. Got home from church, and hanging out with a friend for an impromptu hour,
…and took a three-hour nap. Talked with B after dinner, and drifted (mentally) straight to bed again.

Which left out the exam I was going to take, so as to free today from deadline pressure; the post I might have written; parsing the phone call from my mom, where her computer is black-screen dead.

This morning I wasn’t sure how the day would go… other than the part where I misunderheard my mom to say her computer was blue-screen dead and so rattled off an unhelpful set of blue-screen instructions on my way to school.

After our Monday now-becoming-usual two hours of theology/philosophy via a firehose, I gathered up my traps and bustled to the car rather than the student lounge. In the elevator, I considered that my brain might have overheated and started to melt,

but in the car, as I flipped a lunch-place coin, I felt my brain pull together and sharpen. I worried: this has happened before this semester, only to dissolve in the mental holding pattern that is my commute.

But today it held true. As estimated. Three hours from opening the file to posting my results… which included some strategic reading over those things that I hadn’t read the way I was previously supposed to have, but hey.

And afterwards, having burned through my skinny birthday-type candle, I headed straight back to nap?
Um, nope-!?
My still-sharp brain sifted through the tasks, contingencies, and dependencies, plucking out the most immediately critical. (Though I’m sad about dead-computer not yet being picked!)


The laws of inertia seem to work on my accomplishing-energy, too.

There’s a half-hour before my workout. Time to start some laundry… and text my mom.


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